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Home >> Information >> Charities >> Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) - Successful Charity 2018

Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) - Successful Charity 2018

Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF)

The Prostate Cancer Foundation is an organisation led by a group of South African’s who have a direct interest in prostate cancer. They include some of South Africa’s top medical specialists who diagnose, treat and research prostate cancer on a daily basis. It also includes corporate members who have an interest in promoting awareness about prostate cancer who help fund the foundation’s costs and projects. They also volunteer their time to help the Prostate Cancer Foundation to develop and implement its programs. The foundation also provides a forum for men and their families whose lives have been directly affected by prostate cancer. Some are involved in assisting others who have recently been diagnosed, some have been willing to share their story on our website and some have provided donations. The telephone provides free medical information through its medical & scientific advisory board. 

Entry Information: 

Type: Half Marathon and Ultra Marathon 


Half marathon entries:

- First 10 will be sold for R500

- Second 10 will be sold at R750

- Next 20 will be sold for R1500

- Last 10 will be sold at R2000

Ultra-marathon entries:  

- 10 will be sold at R2000 each

Flat rate. 

Contact Person: Andrew Oberholzer

Tel: 083 616 0162

Email: ceo@prostate-ca.co.za