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Home >> Information >> Charities >> Newkidz on the Block - Successful Charity 2018

Newkidz on the Block - Successful Charity 2018

Newkidz on the Block

Newkidz on the Block create awareness and support of orphaned and vulnerable children. They do this by facilitating "extreme makeovers" of orphanages, shelters, safe-houses, impoverished schools and marginalised ECD centres. There is a huge need for maintenance and upgrades in these facilities as budgets barely cover their basic living costs. Newkidz with the help of corporate and private sponsors facilitate these makeovers so that these children can live and learn is a safe and secure environment with dignity. 

We also collect and redistribute donations of all kinds, eg. clothing, bedding, furniture, kitchen appliance and utensils as well as toys and books, to help make their lives a little easier and more enjoyable. 

Entries Information:

Type: Half Marathon 

Cost: R1 050 once off flat fee. No further fundraising will be required. 

A Section 18A donations tax certificate will be issued for your donation.

Contact: Lynne Haefele

Tel: 083 611 6018

Email: lynne@newkidz.org.za