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Home >> Information >> Charities >> Inclusive Education South Africa - Successful Charity 2018

Inclusive Education South Africa - Successful Charity 2018

Inclusive Education South Africa

Inclusive Education South Africa's (IESA) vision is of an inclusive education system, which recognises that all children have the right to meaningful participation in education. They believe in a system which acknowledges diversity in all its forms and strives to meet the needs and abilities of every learner. Inclusive Education South Africa is a registered NPO that has, since 1995 been committed to promoting and supporting the development of more inclusive practices in ordinary neighbour preschools, schools and others centres of learning in South Africa.

We seek to ensure that families, educators and service providers working with children experiencing barriers to learning have access to information and services and develop the skills necessary to ensure all learning needs are met.

Services Include:

1. Inclusive Education Skills Development: They provide training and on-site support offering practical strategies and tools to facilitate effective inclusive practice and supportive partnerships.

2. Inclusive Project Work: Work in depth in many urban and rural communities to strengthen whole schools and ECD Centres in their journey towards being more inclusive of the learners in their catchment areas.

3. Information & Support Service: A free helpline and resource centre where parents, educators, and professions to assist with the support and placement of learners experiencing barriers to learning.

4. Advocacy & Awareness Raising: Actively involved in advocating for the effective implementation of inclusive education policy both at National and Provincial levels. Their awareness raising goal is to ensure all stakeholders in education have an accurate understanding of inclusive education in SA and their role in realisation. 

Entry Information: 

Type: Half Marathon 

Cost: R700 per entry. (SOLD OUT)


- Buff

 - 18A Tax receipt for donations received

- Social media publicity 

- A Year planner and licence disc sticker  

- Social Media Publicity

Contact: Nishen Naicker

Tel: 087 803 0150 / 082 874 4496

Email: nishen@included.org.za