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Home >> Information >> Charities >> gold Peer education development agency - Successful Charity 2018

gold Peer education development agency - Successful Charity 2018

 gold peer education development agency

Since 2004, gold-youth has created work-internship opportunities for 503 unemployed youth (aged 19 to 25), who have mentored and trained 12 924 adolescent opinion leaders (aged 13 to 18 years). These Peer Educators have in turn, measurably reached over 40 1035 additional peers and younger children. Outcomes of the gold Model include; a decrease in risk behaviour such as substance abuse, gender violence and teenage pregnancy; an improvement in academic performance and healthy relationships; and an increase in employability of gold-youth beneficiaries. gold-youth is a 'not for profit organsation' and donations are an important income stream for them to fund their work. gold-youth, founded in 2004, mentors and trains grassroots youth, giving them the support and positive guidance that they so badly need in order to develop skills, leadership, to stay in school, make wise choices and inspire purpose driven change within their schools and communities. The gold Model tackles the complex social dynamics of poverty and its impact on education and youth development and cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset, with a mandate given to the gold Peer Educators to give back and serve as part of the solution. 

Entries Information:

Type: Half Marathon

Cost: (SOLD OUT)

Total cost per entry is R2 000 (includes a 'I have gold in my soul' gold-youth branded running top)

Process to secure an entry:     

Pay a R500 deposit to reserve your race number. Raise an additional R1 500 (minimum) in order to secure your race number.

Contact: Nathalie Tedder

Tel: 021 685 5038/9

Email: nathalie@goldpe.org.za