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Home >> Information >> Charities >> Badisa Tygerberg - Successful Charity 2018

Badisa Tygerberg - Successful Charity 2018

Badisa Tygerberg

Based in Parow, BADISA Tygerberg is a programme of Badisa, a national social services organisation. They exist to deliver professional social services to children and families in high-risk circumstances in the Parow area, in order to provide safety and stability towards progress, as well as sustainable and prosperous communities.

Social services to children and families in need of care and protection include:

- Counselling with regards to social problems like drug and alcohol abuse among children

- Family violence

Care and contact of children of unmarried parents that are seperated

- Provision of food and clothing in conjunction with social work intervention

- Sexual abuse of children

- Street, abandoned and orphaned children

- Child neglect

- Teenage pregnancies

- Abused woman

 Entries Information:

Type: Half Marathon 

Cost: (SOLD OUT) R1265 which includes charity donation 

Contact: Thys de Coning

Tel: 082 639 1545

Email: admin@badisatygerberg.org.za