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Home >> Information >> Charities >> Amplified Movement Project - Successful Charity 2018

Amplified Movement Project - Successful Charity 2018

Amplified logo

Amplified Movement Project has been formed by the Cyrus Trust for the benefit of youth in South-Africa and is a registered NPO.

The fastest way to change society is to mobilise the youth of the world.

Amplified Movements main purpose is to empower the youth of South-Africa with the realisation of their true identity and to influence youth to be established, envisioned and effective in society.

• Establish: Encourage the youth in their identity in order to give them a purpose for living.

• Envision: Give youth hope and vision for a bright and positive future.

• Effective: Empower youth to make a positive difference in South-Africa, their communities.


Entries Information:

Type: Half Marathon

Cost: R1 500 per entry for AMPLIFIED.

This includes entry fee, T-shirt and rest of the finances will go to sponsoring youth for amplified camps, and training youth coaches across the nations.

Contact: Zane Nel

Tel: 072 829 5905

Email: zane.nel@shofaronline.org