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Home >> Blog >> Ross Tucker >> Introducing the 2012 Race Recon series

Introducing the 2012 Race Recon series

  • Ultra Marathon
  • Half Marathon
  • Training

The Race Recon Series is here - clear eyes for race day

This past weekend, I went out and did my usual run on the Two Oceans Half Marathon course, and it was fantastic to be one of hundreds of runners doing the same thing! A long line of runners snaking up Southern Cross Drive and along Rhodes Drive is a clear signal that Two Oceans fever is here, with only a week and a half to go to the race!

Seeing the route in training is a luxury of course, and many of you may not get the chance to see the challenges that you WILL conquer on April 7th.  And so what I'm going to start with tomorrow is a series of articles that dissects specific sections of the course.  These are the sections that are most challenging and pivotal to your race success.  These articles will be short, written summaries along with video clips, where I've taken my car out and filmed the route, and I will do my best to talk you through the sections, explaining what you will encounter and giving some input as to what I think the best strategy and mental approach will be.

What's on the menu?

For the Ultra runners among you, we'll look at five sections:  Chapman's Peak uphill, Chapman's Peak descent (which is just as crucial), Constantia Nek, The "Bends" to Cecilia Forest and Kirstenbosch, and the finishing straight on the M3 to UCT.

For the Half-marathon, we'll look at four sections - Southern Cross Drive, the "Bends" to Cecilia and Kirstenbosch, the finishing straight to UCT, and of course, the part of the race you're all dying to see, the new climb of Edinburgh drive in the first 5km.  We'll save that one for last!

Body management - know what lies ahead in order to plan to conquer it

The idea behind these posts is to give every one of you an idea of what lies ahead.  Obviously, for novices who haven't seen the route, I hope this is invaluable and helps you get your mental and race strategy spot on for race day.  But even those who have run the route in training will, I hope, benefit from the advice and thoughts.  

As has always been the case, please feel free to ask questions, if I have not covered something or if it is unclear, and for the experienced hands among you, feel free to share your insights too - we're all in this together, all 25,000 of us and any input is welcomed!

As a taste of what's to come in the video series, here's an Introductory Video.  The first Recon videos (Chapman's Peak and Southern Cross Drive) will be going up tomorrow (Tuesday 27 March) afternoon, so join me for specifics then!


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